With Oral Cancer rates rising, regular screenings are vital

The growing incidence of oral cancer, especially among young nonsmokers, makes screening for the disease more important than ever, according to a presentation at the American Dental Association Annual meeting. www.bicuspid.com read more

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Teeth grinding and antidepressants

Recent studies have shown a link between bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) and some of the more commonly prescribed antidepressants. Although it may sound like a contradiction, there are many studies to support these findings. If you are on these medications, you might like to discuss them with the office and copies of these studies […] read more

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Dr. Cohen completes Advanced Implant Restoration training

Over the past two years Dr. Cohen was involved in the development of an advanced multi-disciplinary training in the latest computer and digitalized techniques developed for implant restorations. This course was limited to a few select teams of surgeons and restorative dentists for this pilot program. read more

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Welcome to our new website

We’ve tried to design our new website with our patients in mind. You will be able to navigate our site easily, and learn about our office and find links to other interesting sites. We will enjoy hearing from you. read more

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